NRH27C Winkelsensor Can-Bus J1939 - -J-3-4-01-1-M-P2C-C0
  • NRH27C Winkelsensor Can-Bus J1939 - -J-3-4-01-1-M-P2C-C0

NRH27C Winkelsensor Can-Bus J1939 - -J-3-4-01-1-M-P2C-C0



The NRH27C is a CANbus output sensor from the family of NRH27x No-Contact, Rotary Position Sensors that offers the optimal combination of performance, safety and cost.

- No-contact, Hall-effect technology
- Wear free – unlimited mechanical life
- CANbus J1939 output
- Simple mounting, low-profile design
- 360° Measurement angel
- 5Vdc regulated or 9-30Vdc supply
- Dual Hall-effect sensors
- On-board diagnostics – pre-defined error messages
- Encapsulated electronics
- Sealing up to IP69K (connector dependent)
- AMP or Deutsch connector options
- Flying-lead option
- Protective cable conduit option

All variants utilise proven Hall-effect, sensing technology and are accommodated in a low-profile (9.5mm) housing with a compact footprint of just 36 x 35mm.

The full range of the digital output span corresponds to a rotation of 360°, and the positional information is determined by the angle of the supplied magnet relative to the sensor body. The maximum air gap between magnet and sensor is 7mm, while concentric offsets of up to 2mm can be tolerated with minimal impact on output linearity. The magnet can be supplied in a convenient carrier, housed in a bolt, as a plug or loose.

A choice of power supply options are available – one for connection to a regulated 5V supply and the other to a varying voltage in the range of 9-30V, such as a vehicle’s battery.

Two physically independent, Hall-effect sensing signals are sent separately with the CAN message structure, to allow for system error checking of the positional data meaning high- performing, safety-critical applications can easily be addressed. Furthermore, an on-board diagnostic function means pre-defined error messages can be sent to define the present state of the sensor. The versatile, factory- programmable electronics can be easily set to different baud and/or frame rates according to system requirements.

A fully-encapsulated design offers exceptional levels of performance with respect to water and dust, shock, vibration and temperature, meaning the sensor is ideal for use in hostile, on- and off-highway vehicle environments.

Connection options are industry-standard AMP Superseal (IP68 rated) or Deutsch DT04 series (IP67 rated) connectors, or simple flying leads for customer termination. The sensor can also be supplied with a protective conduit for the cabling.




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NRH27C Winkelsensor Can-Bus J1939 - -J-3-4-01-1-M-P2C-C0