• Thermostat controller

    Thermostat controller

    When coolant or oil temperatures threaten to spiral out of control, you know you need a partner to stop it. With thermostatic-regulator 3-way valves, plant owners can rest assured that the cooling water, oil temperature is under control - and they can prepare for the next adventures!

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Thermostatventil AMOT 4...

Thermostatventil AMOT 4 BRDF11007-00-AHR
4 BR Ventil Typ
D Gehäusewerkstoff: duktiles Eisen
F Anschluss: ASME 125 lb
110 Regeltemperatur
07 Elementart: 2433X
00 Anzahl Leck-Bohrungen: keine
AHR Spezielle Anforderungen: ANSI RF 150lb Flansche
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