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  • Particle filter

    Particle filter

    The path to clean energy is never easy. But there is a solution: the diesel particulate filter can help you meet emissions standards and promote greener, healthier lives for all. Protect our future with particle filters!

  • Exhaust Compensators


    Our expansion joints are made of high quality material and are suitable for diesel and gas engines from small to large.

  • Silencer


    With our exhaust silencer, you no longer have to worry. Our innovative design and high-quality materials ensure effective damping of up to 45 dB(A), so you can fully concentrate on your work. With exhaust silencers from us, Stille becomes the perfect partner for your projects.

  • Rainflaps


    Our rain caps save you from the water and dirt that would otherwise be in your exhaust system. Exhaust rain flaps is a simple solution to your problem - thanks to our high-quality rain flaps, your exhaust system will always stay clean and dry.

  • Isolation


    A hot exhaust line means heat in the engine room. With isolation you avoid that.

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