2370ES-12E2U1 SOLENOID SA-3825
  • 2370ES-12E2U1 SOLENOID SA-3825

2370ES-12E2U1 SOLENOID SA-3825

Stopp Magnet


2370ES-12E2U1 SOLENOID SA-3825

Woodward ex Synchro Start dual-coil solenoids have proven to be robust and reliable for over 80 years. World-class engine manufacturers globally rely upon Woodard for electro-mechanical control solutions that survive the harshest standards and most extreme specifications in the industry.

Our full line includes standard and custom dual-coil solenoids for continuous, intermittent, and pull-hold cycle actuation. Whatever your stroke, force, voltage, mounting, sealing, or contamination protection requirements, Woodward has a solenoid to meet your needs. Or, we can custom design one for your exact specifications.

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2370ES-12E2U1 SOLENOID SA-3825