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  • DM110 - Stamford

DM110 - Stamford


STAMFORD DM110 AVR E000-23800
STAMFORD AVK DM110 is Stamford’s 1st digital regulator providing today’s industry high demand for sustainable regulation on generators. The STAMFORD | AvK Digital Excitation Control System (DM110) is an electronic, solid-state, microprocessor based control device. The DM110 regulates the output voltage of a brushless, ac generator by controlling the current into the generator exciter field. Input power to the DM110 can be from a multi-pole, high-frequency, permanent magnet generator (PMG) or from the generator output when used as a conventional, shunt-excited, excitation system.

DESCRIPTION: Stamford AVK DM-110 voltage regulator, brand new, Original

PART NUMBERS: Stamford AVK E000-23800 (Basler P/N 9287500138) has its LED indicators located on the bottom side of the unit, E000-23801 (Basler P/N 9287500139) has its LED indicators located on the top side of the unit

MANUFACTURER: Stamford (Cummins Generator Technologies)

AVAILABILITY: In stock, same day shipping worldwide

ORIGIN: Manufactured in the U.K.

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PLEASE BE ADVISED: Be careful with FAKE CHINESE CLONES advertised all over the web. They appear 100% identical even stating it’s made in the UK however the regulator is not certified by Stamford. If your generator is still under warranty installing this will void it or worse it may not work at all.

We are authorized Stamford distributors and when we say its original genuine we mean it!

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DM110 - Stamford