Thermostatic Control Valve

Thermostatic Control Valve

When coolant or oil temperatures threaten to spiral out of control, you know you need a partner to stop it. With thermostatic-regulator 3-way valves, plant owners can rest assured that the cooling water, oil temperature is under control - and they can prepare for the next adventures!

Typical applications

Key benefits

Key features

  1. Lubricating oil temperature control
  2. Jacket water high temperature (HT)
  3. Secondary water low temperature (LT)
  4. Heat recovery
  5. Water saving applications
  6. Boiler inlet temperature control
  7. Co-generation, cooling towers
  8. Temperature mixing or diverting
  9. Engine and compressor cooling system
  1. No external power source required - Simple, low cost installation
  2. No user setting needed - ‘Fit and forget’ solution
  3. Small number of part. - Simple maintenance and low cost of ownership
  4. Robust design capable of high vibration and shock applications
  5. Easy installation, operates in any mounting position
  6. Automatic self-sensing control with positive proportional valve action 
  1. Flow rates of 0.3 - 13.1 m3/hr
  2. Combinations available: - Housings in cast iron, aluminum, bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel
  3. Threaded and flanged connections
  4. Tamper-proof temperature settings from 18°C - 113°C
  5. Pressure ratings up to 72 bar 

Diverting Applications

Mixing Applications

2-Way Water Saving Applications

When valves are used for diverting services, the inlet is Port A (temperature sensing port), with Port C being connected to the cooler, and Port B connected to the cooler bypass line.

When valves are used for mixing service, Port C is the cold fluid inlet port from the cooler, Port B is the hot by-pass fluid inlet, and Port A the common outlet. Port A is the temperature sensing port and will mix the hot and cold fluids in the correct proportion so as to produce the desired outlet temperature leaving Port A.

Valve as shown maintains minimum flow through cooler to conserve water. Requires internal leak hole to permit small flow for sensing.

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