Power distribution

Power distribution

Energy – an indispensable part of our modern world. But without proper distribution, there can be energy disasters that cost money, resources, and possibly lives. However, with our power distribution relays you can rest assured that you have reliable distribution and safe operating conditions. Trust in us - energy distribution, secure energy!

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WIC1 g2 Self-Powered...

WIC1-1SN0NF1PA Wandlerstromgespeistes Schutzgerät_2342
Configurable Inrush Protection
ANSI 50/51, 50N/G, 51N/G, 46, 49, 74TC, 50BF, External Prot., SOTF, Ipeak>
Compact formfactor (same as generation 1 of the WIC1), no battery inside
Super fast mounting
Super fast setting
Early wake up currents
Super fa
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