• Pelton turbines

    Pelton turbines

    Stream from the water. With Pelton turbines you can create your own sustainable and efficient energy source. Our state-of-the-art turbines enable you to make a low investment and offer you a safe and efficient power supply. Experience energy from water, the power of nature and the security of a reliable power supply. Your dream of autonomous electricity will come true with Pelton turbines.

  • Controls


    Power outages are very annoying and can have serious consequences. But with emergency power controls, engineers can control their systems safely and reliably at all times. Our controls are unique and reliable while reducing the risk of power failure and maintaining control of the emergency power system. With emergency power controls, you can be sure that your system and your customers are always protected.

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Generator Steuerung_1594

The innovative features of the easYgen-1800 Series, including flexible breaker configuration and start/stop logic, real and reactive power sensing, and remote-start capability make it the intelligent choice for specialized mobile power and emergency standby

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9900-1022 RGCP-3400...

9900-1022 RGCP-3400...

Woodward’s dual modular Redundant Genset Control Panel (RGCP) 5A, single genset without fiber optic gateway was designed to provide an additional layer of power system reliability in mission-critical applications, such as data centers, hospitals, or critical

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