Air Starter for diesel and gas engine

Turbine Air Starter

Air Starter for Diesel and Gas Engine

Elevate your engines to new heights with Air Starter - the Original TurboTwin Air Starter  that leads the market in engine starting reliability. Our top-of-the-line turbine air starters are designed for the demands of marine applications, oil & gas industry, mining, and more. Trust in our products for high reliability and long cranking cycles. Unleash the power of Air Starter for your engineering needs.

Air Starter TDI

Start your engines effortlessly with our premium air starters. Complete system for engines and gas turbines. Order now!

Turbine Air Starter

Start your engines and gas turbines effortlessly with our first-class compressed air starters. Our solutions offer a complete system consisting of a compressor, a control unit and a powerful air starter.

**Efficiency and reliability**

Our air starters are designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. They provide a robust and durable solution for various industrial applications where fast and safe start-up of engines and gas turbines is required.

**Complete systems for your needs**

From planning to installation, we offer you customised complete systems that are tailored to your specific requirements. Our range includes:

- **Compressors**: High-performance compressors that provide sufficient compressed air for the starting process.

- Control units**: Intelligent control systems that enable precise control and monitoring of the starting process.

- Air starters**: Reliable and powerful air starters that ensure fast and safe ignition.

**Advantages of our air starters**

- Reduced maintenance**: Our systems are built to last and require minimal maintenance.

- **Quick installation**: Thanks to the modular design, our systems can be installed quickly and easily.

- **High safety standards**: Our air starters fulfil the highest

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