AS480 UL - Stamford_2568
  • AS480 UL - Stamford_2568

AS480 UL - Stamford


STAMFORD AS480 UL AVR E000-14808/1P
STAMFORD AS480-UL is Stamford’s newest regulator and available on all P044 and P144 industrial and marine applications. The regulator can produce current forcing when installed with an EBS (Excitation Boost System) which has the same characteristics has a PMG (Permanent Magnet Generator), less expensive and no need to update the AVR. Unlike the SX460 the AS480 is equipped with a overexcitation shutdown in other words the AVR is constantly monitoring the exciter field and will provide the required signal to collapse the output voltage if needed. As a standard this regulator is only available in UL

DESCRIPTION: Stamford AS-480 voltage regulator, brand new, Original

PART NUMBERS: Stamford E000-14808/1P

MANUFACTURER: Stamford (Cummins Generator Technologies)

AVAILABILITY: In stock, same day shipping worldwide

ORIGIN: Manufactured in the U.K.

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We are authorized Stamford distributors and when we say its original genuine we mean it!

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AS480 UL


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AS480 UL - Stamford_2568

AS480 UL - Stamford